The new round of AGV talks

Here everything revolves around the driverless transport system (AGV), around Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), mobile robots, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for in-plant use (intralogistics).

Are you interested in this topic? Do you have questions or concrete suggestions for topics? Do you want to participate in the discussion? You can just listen or actively participate – as you wish.
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Dates & Topics

AGV planning - ancient wisdom and modern aspects
Thursday, 30.06.2022 16:00
This AGV Talk does not claim to deal with AGV planning holistically and completely. It should only deal with the essential points. Unfortunately, these are often forgotten or are so new that they have not yet reached the planners. And I would like to talk about the fact that more and more often it is not at all clear who is the planner, or who takes on which planning tasks in the project. Sometimes it seems to me that clean “planning” is no longer the order of the day, but is seen as a waste of time… Because quick decisions are the hallmark of the modern manager; and the modern world of autonomous, AI-soaked robots will sort it out…. Fancy the topic? Everyone can participate actively or passively! Registration here
Automatic loading and unloading of trucks
Thursday, 28.07.2022 16:00
Methods of localisation - advantages and disadvantages
Thursday, 25.08.2022 16:00
Mixed operation: Driverless vehicles drive in a mix with...
Thursday 29/09/2022 16:00
19.05.22 Lithium batteries in mobile robots – What should be considered?
28.04.22 Highlights in the automation of tugger trains
24.03.22 Roles and players in the AGV project
24.02.22 Challenges in the use of AGVs/AMRs in the public sector
27.01.22 What is an AGV enterprise strategy and who needs such a thing?
16.12.21 Presentation of the Autonomy Guide
18.11.21 What determines the economic viability of an AGV?
21.10.21 Do I have to read all 100 pages of DIN EN ISO 3691-4?
30.09.21 What is the attraction of the AGV?
12.08.21 Can AGVs also drive outside?
08.07.21 Keyword “autonomy” – A little more detail please!
10.06.21 What can the safety guidelines of the VDI technical committee?
20.05.21 Safety aspects from practice
15.04.21 Key factors for successful AGV projects
25.03.21 What everyone involved in AGVs and AMR should know!
11.03.21 Does the new AMR replace the old AGV?


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