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Guide Autonomy V 1.1 in English


English version of

AGV Guide Autonomy of Mobile Robots

Newly published and now available for download:

AGV Guide Autonomy of Mobile Robots

Terms, explanations, delimitations and presentation of an “Autonomy Index” for AGV / AMR



Thomas Albrecht (Fraunhofer IML), Jochen Luz (MLR System), Waldemar Osterhoff (Forum-FTS), Dr. Kai Pfeiffer (Fraunhofer IPA), Karl Rapp (DS Automotion) und Dr. Günter Ullrich (Forum-FTS)


Download (ZIP) - english

Forum AGVS General Publications

VDI 2510 Sheet 2 “Safety of AGVS”


VDI 2510 Sheet 2

"Safety of AGVS"

Endlich erschienen:

VDI 2510 Sheet 2 "Safety of AGVS" - written for AGVS manufacturers.

The ideal supplement to the VDI status report “Guideline AGV Safety” – written for the AGV operator.

VDI 2510 Blatt 2 Sicherheit von FTS
Forum AGVS Publications

AGVS Primer 3rd edition

AGVS primer 3rd edition

AGVS Primer 3rd edition

* hardback book

The Kindle version is available for €46.99 gross.

The 3rd edition of the well-known fibula is available now.

Up-to-date and more comprehensive than ever before, the technical book provides a comprehensive overview of the technology and planning of automated guided vehicles systems (AGVS).

Technological standards of all AGV-relevant components and functions are explained and numerous examples are given of how AGVs are used in practice – including in the automotive, electrical and food industries.

The authors, Dr.-Ing. Günter Ullrich and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Albrecht, look back on the history of AGV and also take a look into the future to see what else will be possible.

The 3rd edition of “Automated Guided Vehicles” is a reference book for all employees of companies that deal with intralogistic issues or offer AGV products or AGV services, for developers and users of service robotics and of course students of logistics.

You can order the AGV manual here: