Basic knowledge

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The participants are taught the basics of planning an AGV deployment. All planning steps are explained.


Group of Participants

Personen, die sich beruflich mit dem Themenfeld Intralogistik und mobile Robotik beschäftigen und sich über die planungsrelevanten Themen des FTS informieren wollen.


Online seminar


All online seminars are held in blocks of 2 h each, via MS Teams video conference.

Possible are 1 block, 2 blocks and 3 blocks per seminar, depending on the scope of topics and agreement.


We charge each participant per block 50,00 € net.
The prerequisite is a number of participants of at least 5.


Each participant must register or be registered by the commissioning company with name, first name, company, email address.

Each participant will be personally invited to an MS-Teams video conference for each seminar block individually.

Please use our registration form for your registration.