6. Concepts and Specification Books


Concepts and Specification Books

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[1-day flat rate]

* Flat rate (net incl. travel expenses of the seminar leader) for several participants if carried out at the commissioning company

[1 day per participant]

* Participation fee (net incl. travel costs of the seminar leader and costs for the venue with catering) if the seminar is held at a neutral location


The participants learn to assess the conditions of use of AGVS on a project-related basis and to derive suitable concepts from them. The defined concept is then transferred into a specification book that complies with the Forum AGV standard.


Group of Participants

Intralogistics planners and project managers who are familiar with the basics of the AGV and want to specialize in concept development and the creation of meaningful specifications. This seminar is useful for employees of AGV users, AGV suppliers and planners.