Working group (WG) of the technical committee (TC) 309

Guidelines for cooperation

Organizational support by the VDI

  • Every WG has its own CP area
  • Organisation of the premises
  • Organization of GoToMeeting
  • Letter of invitation
  • Guests receive invitation, TO and protocol (without attachments) by e-mail and have no access to the CP
  • Management of general documents, e.g. assignment of projects and employees

Responsibilities of management and chairman and task manager:

  • Initiation of the project work, participation in the first WG meeting
  • Regular coordination with each other and with the WG leaders
  • Participation of at least one chairperson/task manager at headquarters meetings (spring and autumn meetings)
  • Initial creation of project sheets (stored in the CP area of the chairman)
  • Ensure full employment, lay off sleepers
  • At least three meetings per year with protocols and uploads
  • WG meetings are possible before the main meetings

Working group leader:

  • Maintenance of the project sheet
  • Creation of protocols with attendance list and to-dos
  • Notification of new employees to the VDI for employment in the VDI-CP
  • Organization of meetings and web meetings

WG employee:

  • Assigned tasks must be created qualitatively and promptly
  • Regular participation in the meetings
  • Timely feedback on participation/non-participation mandatory
  • Active participation in at least one project is a prerequisite for participation in TC 309

Guests in the TC 309:

  • The change from guest to employee in TC 309 requires cooperation in a project (must be listed in the project meeting protocol)
  • Guests have no access to the CP


  • If you do not participate three times, you switch to guest mode and lose access to the CP


Project work – is the active work on guidelines, guides, flyers and other tasks