• The new Forum AGV sees itself as a competence centre for our world of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). It consists of a strong community of companies and provides neutral and expert information, advice and planning by experienced experts.
  • Our common goal is successful AGV projects. This goal is the responsibility of all AGV members, the AGV team and the AGV users, i.e. our customers.
  • Competence and honesty/authenticity are the supporting pillars of the trade with the aim of optimum AGV deployment in internal company operations. This applies both to the FF team and to each individual member company.
  • The work of the FF team is manufacturer-neutral and considers the possibilities of the entire AGV sector.
  • Our expertise, i.e. our knowledge, experience and efficiency, is what makes the Forum AGV unique!
  • All team members are selected recognized personalities of the AGV industry in Europe.

Our common goal...

... are successful AGV projects.

We assume that both our members and the AGV users are pursuing this goal. We are working towards this goal in a fundamental but also project-related way. The AGV team knows the interests and possibilities of the AGV members in this respect and supports the users in their efforts to make the AGV projects successful.

Competence expresses itself:

  • All employees are extremely experienced.
  • The consulting packages are in great demand.
  • The seminar packages complete the range of services of the Forum AGV.
  • The well-known AGVS primer, 150 specialist publications and the constant presence at specialist conferences manifest our knowledge.
  • Our list of references is extraordinarily extensive.
  • The Forum AGVS is a renowned authority.
  • The "FTS-Fachtagung" is another successful product since 1991.
  • The work of the VDI Technical Committee AGV is documented and presented by the Forum AGV.

Honesty/authenticity expresses itself:

  • The membership commits to a self-imposed code of honour in dealings with each other and with customers and thus represents a promise of quality.
  • In our planning and consulting activities we pursue the noble goal of successful AGV projects from the perspective of all parties involved.
  • We are always looking for the optimum degree of automation with regard to the criteria demand, technical feasibility, future-proofing and economic efficiency.
  • We work on a voluntary basis in close cooperation with the VDI AGV Technical Committee and are thus open to the entire AGV sector.