Seminar Packages

Seminar Offers


Basic knowledge

You will learn about automated guided vehicle systems and get an overview of the history, technology, planning, application and safety of AGVS



The focus here is on the technical principles of AGVS. You will get an overview of the system structure, the chassis as well as the data transmission, navigation, control and safety of AGVS.



You will get to know the safety fundamentals of AGVS. The contents include the requirements for AGV operation and the obligations of suppliers and operators.



Here the focus is on the application possibilities of AGVS. Using examples, we will show you which tasks AGVS can perform in intralogistics.



You will learn what you need to consider when planning an AGV deployment and which planning steps are necessary.


Concepts and Specification Books

This seminar is aimed at employees of AGV users, AGV suppliers and planners. Participants learn to assess the use of AGVS on a project-specific basis and to create suitable concepts.


Acceptance Procedures

Here you will learn what is important for a proper acceptance of realized AGV systems. You will learn how to assess the quality of the plant as well as its safety and performance.



The focus here is on the markets of the AGV sector. You will learn about the development of the markets and assess their potential.

Special Topics

Outdoor Application

When using AGVS in outdoor areas, there are special features to be considered. You will learn about the technical and safety aspects of outdoor use.

Special Applications

AGVS in Automatic Stations

The use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) in automatic stations is a special challenge. The participants will learn which safety requirements exist for the use of AGVS in automatic stations.