Seminar Packages

Of course, everything revolves around automated guided vehicles – the technology, the possible applications, the economic potential and the planning.

No seminar is long enough to really cover all the topics completely, so focal points have to be set. For example, there are seminars that focus on technology, others delve into the economic aspects, and still others provide details on the planning process.

Seminars overview

Our seminars for AGV users or those who want to become one:

Now new: The online seminar for planners, commissioners and operators

At present, all seminars take place online.

Online Seminars

All online seminars are held in blocks of 2 hours each – via MS-Teams video conference. Possible are 1 block, 2 blocks and 3 blocks per seminar, depending on the scope of topics and arrangement.

We charge each participant € 70.00 net per block. The prerequisite is a minimum number of participants of 7.

Each participant must register or be registered by the commissioning company, with surname, first name, company, email address. Each participant will be personally invited to an MS-Teams video conference, individually for each seminar block.