Mobile robots (AGV/AMR)


Safety is of particular importance for mobile robots (AGV/AMR).
After all, the vehicles share the roads with other road users,
especially with pedestrians. Regardless of whether we are dealing with trained personnel in
production or storage areas, or with patients, children or disabled people
disabled people, e.g. in hospitals – we always have to develop a customised safety
mobile robots, we must always have a customised safety concept to ensure the safety of people when handling robots.

At Forum-FTS, we have maximum expertise in this area. We address our consulting services to:

Our expertise is of interest to manufacturers because we can provide support here:

Users and operators of AGV/AMR appreciate our consulting services in
the following tasks:

In general, we offer safety consulting packages:

  1. Safety basics for companies (3x2h)
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Description of the requirements for safety functions
  4. Calculation of safety-related reliability
  5. Verification and validation as well as commissioning
  6. Conformity assessment
  7. Document review
  8. Support with conformity assessment
  9. CE checklist
  10. CE check before operation
  11. Regular risk assessment
  12. Modification by the operator