3. General and individual consulting

Technology monitoring and benchmarking

Analysing the market potential for new products and components in the field of materials handling and intralogistics. Development of performance specifications for companies and/or business units that deal with intralogistics, mobile robotics or specifically with AMR and AGVs.

European understanding of safety and security

The Machinery Directive is an important legal basis for the design and sale of machinery in the EU. We support you in applying and complying with the Machinery Directive and in obtaining the CE mark, carrying out the risk assessment and all necessary authorisation procedures.

Realisation of workshops

We offer customised seminars and workshops where you can learn all about AGV technology, profitability, sales and marketing concepts and the market situation for automated guided vehicles, mobile robotics and intralogistics.

Seminar Packages ⟶

Employee coaching

on general intralogistics topics and special AGV-related focal points.

Management of working groups

Formulating market strategies for new AGV sales channels in order to open up additional markets and market shares in mobile robotics. Leading working groups that develop innovative solutions.

Evaluation of neighbouring markets

Establishing contacts with potential partners, analysing market potential (strengths and weaknesses), drawing up SWOT diagrams, reviewing business concepts.