9. Accompanying of the Final Acceptance

Consulting Package 9

Accompanying of the Final Acceptance


Disagreements between the AG and the AN may arise during the acceptance of an AGV project. These result, for example, from a different understanding of the relevant terms (performance, availability, etc.), the test procedures to be used or in the interpretation of the measurement results.


We offer to moderate the process of acceptance, whereby we support the client with professional competence.

We comply with the relevant standards and guidelines, in the case of the AGV in particular VDI 2710 and VDI 2710 Part 5.

Scope of Services

In addition to the technical characteristics and performance of the system, the CE declaration of conformity and the risk analysis are also assessed.

The project-related performance and requirement specifications form the basis. Another prerequisite is that there is a scenario agreed between the client and the contractor regarding the performance and availability tests.