Consulting Packages

Project Start

Consulting package 1

Initial AGV Consultance

Forum FTS Beratung Erstberatung

Are you interested in using AGVs in your company? We are independent and neutral, provide objective advice and determine for you what is technically and economically feasible, which suppliers are suitable and what the implementation of AGVs in your company will cost.

Consulting Package 2

Project structure

Forum FTS Seminar Paket Planung

In the modern world of AGV and AMR, with or without the use of standardised data interfaces, there are many ways to set up an automation project. We show the connection between flexibility requirements and the complexity of the project structure and help you find your own path to a successful project.

Consulting Package 3

Concept Finding

Forum FTS Beratung Konzept Konzeptfindung

If you want to implement AGVS in your company, there are many possibilities at the beginning of the project. We help you to find the best concept for you.

Consulting Package 4


Forum FTS Beratung Simulation

Depending on the size of an AGV project, a simulation may be useful in advance. How large must the required vehicle fleet be? Can the system be expanded in the future? A simulation is often the only way to obtain reliable information.

Consulting Package 5

Specification Book

Forum FTS Beratung Lastenheft

In order to find a suitable AGV supplier, it is important to have comparable bidding offers available. The basis for this is the specifications. It sufficiently describes to bidders and suppliers which services are to be provided.

Consulting Package 6

Bid Comparison

Forum FTS Beratung Angebotsvergleich

We carry out the tender and bidding days for you, obtain offers and compare them on a technical basis.

Consulting Package 7

Mentoring the Contract Awarding

Forum FTS Beratung Vergabe

After we have compared and evaluated the bids, the client’s purchasing department selects the supplier. A contract is concluded between the client and the supplier.

Consulting Package 8

Evaluation of Vendor’s Scope Specification

Forum FTS Beratung Pflichenheft Check

The specification sheet is an important document in the implementation of AGVS. In it, the contractor explains how he has understood the task and how he intends to solve it. The contractor must agree. We provide support here to help you make the right decisions.

Consulting Package 9

Accompanying of the Project Execution

Forum FTS Beratung Projektbegleitung

During an AGV project there may be problems of understanding between the client and the contractor. We offer ongoing support by moderating and explaining.

Consulting Package 10

Accompanying of the Final Acceptance

Forum FTS Beratung Abnahmebegleitung Abnahme

There can always be discrepancies between the client and the contractor when the project is accepted. We accompany the process and support the client with professional competence.

Consulting Package 11


Forum FTS Beratung Safety Check Sicherheitscheck

Safety is particularly important for AGV solutions and mobile robots. We check the safe execution of the machines and systems.

Consulting Package 12

Performance and Availability Testing

Forum FTS Beratung Leistungs- und Verfügbarkeitstests

According to which criteria is a system tested? Here too, the client and contractor often have different opinions. We take the current technical regulations as a basis and define specifications for the tests to be carried out.

End of the Project

Consulting Package 13

Technical Assessment Report

Forum FTS Beratung Gutachten

In many cases, a neutral assessment of the completed plant is required to resolve the disagreements between the client and the contractor. We inspect the delivered plant and provide a neutral view.

Consulting Package 14


Forum FTS Beratung Optimierung

Every AGV system may need optimisation over the years. For example, because operational processes have changed. We work out the necessary technical concepts and name potential suppliers as well as a time schedule and step-by-step plan.