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19 - 21 MAR 2024, 9 - 17 UHR

First user forum "Mobile Robotics" for AGV/AMR

LogiMAT 2024
Halle 6 – Empore – Stand 6H01

LogiMAT 2024 is debuting a new Mobile Robotics User Forum to complement the AGV and AMR solutions on display in Hall 6. Experts from Forum AGV will offer visitors a broad program of information and personal consultation in five categories covering the current trends in how AGV systems and AMRs are deployed. Pre-registration is requested.

Mobile robotics is a topic of growing importance for those seeking efficient material flows in intralogistics. But potential users are often daunted by the prospect of running a cost–benefit analysis, choosing and implementing a system, and managing a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). That’s why LogiMAT 2024 has added a new Mobile Robotics User Forum as part of the trade show’s accompanying program. Forum AGV ( under the direction of Dr. Günter Ullrich is partnering with the Association of German Engineers (VDI) to offer a program on current trends in AGV systems and AMRs, grouped into five categories and taking place in the gallery of Hall 6 (booth 6H01) throughout the day on all three days of LogiMAT. Visitors can benefit from a quiet atmosphere for one-on-one consultation with subject-matter experts to help them make the right decision when browsing the dizzying array of AGVs and AMRs on display in Hall 6. “The use cases of AGV systems and AMRs can be complex and challenging, so users need to educate themselves,” remarks Dr. Günter Ullrich, Managing Director of Forum AGV, explaining the added value that visitors gain from LogiMAT. “The new Mobile Robotics User Forum complements the products and solutions on display in the exhibit halls with an unbiased source of information tailored to the individual—to help ensure successful AGV/AMR projects.”

The new Mobile Robotics User Forum at LogiMAT is focusing on how to select and properly use such solutions. AGV system users and anyone interested in mobile robotics can obtain informed, neutral advice from Forum AGV members and bring their own specific questions to the experts. The user forum is also supported by other companies, institutes, and organizations, including the Berufsgenossenschaft Mannheim, the Fraunhofer Institutes IML (Dortmund) and IPA (Stuttgart), DEKRA (Ulm), and the Department of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Technical University of Munich.

The LogiMAT program is divided into five themed categories:

  1. Planning:
    Experts talk about the proper design and structure of projects, product requirements documents, and fleet management—and about standardized communication interfaces between AGVs and controllers using the VDA 5050 standard.
  1. Proof of Concept.
    Experts offer insights into technical feasibility of mobile robotics concepts for intralogistics and their cost-effectiveness for each visitor’s own system.
  1. Safety and Security
    isitors learn about key aspects of running a safe facility, protecting people and property, and ensuring data security when deploying AGV systems.
  1. Technology:
    Experts introduce various AGV/AMR vehicle types and designs, focusing on varying levels of autonomy and different systems of navigation, control, braking, and steering—plus an overview of different sensor technologies, drive systems, and load capacities.
  1. Special use cases:
    Experts examine the unique circumstances to be considered when AGVs and AMRs are used beyond the realm of intralogistics, such as in outdoor or publicly accessible areas.
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The organizers anticipate strong demand, and since slots for personal consultation are limited, anyone interested in attending is asked to pre-register for their date and category of choice.

If you can’t find a time slot that suits you, you can also register via the form without specifying a date and/or come by spontaneously.

Drop-ins are welcome, but those seeking one-on-one consultation may have to wait.

If your registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.


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