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Guide Autonomy V 1.1 in English

Guide Autonomy V 1.1 in English

English version of

AGV Guide Autonomy of Mobile Robots

Newly published and now available for download:

AGV Guide Autonomy of Mobile Robots

Terms, explanations, delimitations and presentation of an “Autonomy Index” for AGV / AMR



Thomas Albrecht (Fraunhofer IML), Jochen Luz (MLR System), Waldemar Osterhoff (Forum-FTS), Dr. Kai Pfeiffer (Fraunhofer IPA), Karl Rapp (DS Automotion) und Dr. Günter Ullrich (Forum-FTS)


Download (ZIP) - english

Guidelines for AGV Safety for planner

The AGV safety guide for AGV planners is made available for download.

VDI 2510 Blatt 2 “Sicherheit von FTS”

Finally published:

VDI 2510 Blatt 2 "Sicherheit von FTS"

… written for AGVS manufacturers.

The ideal supplement to the VDI status report “Guideline AGVS Safety” – written for the AGVS operator.

VDI 2510 Blatt 2 Sicherheit von FTS

Cancellation Spring Meeting

Due to the corona crisis, the spring meeting of the VDI Technical Committee AGV was cancelled.


VDI Guidelines

To ensure that manufacturers and operators of AGVs are on the safe side, the VDI Expert Committee “Automated Guided Vehicles” has drawn up guidelines regarding the planning and compatibility of AGV use.
An overview of all VDI publications with their guidelines can be found here.


In spring and autumn, the VDI AGV Technical Committee meets to exchange information on current developments and guidelines. More information about the work of the technical committee and how it is composed can be found here:

VDI Technical Committee AGVS Strategy Group

The cooperation in the working groups of the VDI FA AGV is regulated in a guideline. This guideline specifies everything that has to be considered regarding participation, cooperation and organization of the working groups. More information about the guideline can be found here.