Dr. Günter Ullrich as guest in the 27th podcast “Robots in Logostics

For the anniversary episode, Victor has once again invited the “AGV Pope” Günter Ullrich from Forum-FTS. He was already a guest in the very first episode, which also dealt with the important topic of “Safety in AGV projects”. In the current episode, Victor and Günter continue their conversation.

VDI 2510 Sheet 2 “Safety of AGVS”

VDI 2510 Sheet 2 “Safety of AGVS” Endlich erschienen: VDI 2510 Sheet 2 “Safety of AGVS” – written for AGVS manufacturers. The ideal supplement to the VDI status report “Guideline AGV Safety” – written for the AGV operator.

AGVS Primer 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of the well-known fibula is now available.

Up-to-date and more comprehensive than ever before, the reference book provides a comprehensive overview of the technology and planning of automatic guided vehicles systems (AGVS).