Dr Günter Ullrich as a guest on the 6th podcast “Robots in Logostics

Episode 6 of "Robots in Logistics

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“When several experts in a field meet, there is a lot to talk about and a discussion or two. Victor thought so too and invited to a Robotics Roundtable on the topic of communication and planning in projects with automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Alexandra (Alex) Barber, founder of Frontline Sidekicks, Günter Ullrich, also known as the “AGV Pope” and Marco Prueglmeier, founder and CEO of Noyes Technologies, took their seats at the table.

What it’s all about: For the successful implementation of AGV projects, qualified specialists are needed. The Corona pandemic has once again highlighted how topical the shortage of skilled personnel is – all three guests agree on that. This makes it all the more essential to get young people interested in logistics through targeted measures, especially in external communication. But how can this be achieved? What role does employer branding play? What influence does the management culture have?

Attracting new employees in logistics is one issue – not losing existing staff on the shop floor to automation is another. But how do many skilled workers feel about automation? What fears exist at the beginning of an AGV project? What role does communication play? And what measures can be taken to reduce these fears? Alex Barber raises awareness of how important training programmes are here.

Günter Ullrich and Marco Prueglmeier also discuss the planning of AGV projects. How relevant is planning? What are the differences between projects with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)? What influence does the autonomy function of a robot have on the project?

And what do I have to consider when setting up a mixed fleet? You can find out all this in the sixth episode of “Robots in Logistics”. Have fun listening!”

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