Dear reader,

the corona virus has changed all our lives. Of course, we also deal with the changed situation in a very responsible manner and have therefore put our working methods to the test and partly adapted them!

First of all, we can state that we are able to maintain all our consulting services! Our team members have already worked together successfully in the past, although they each work in their own offices spread all over Germany. In addition to the usual communication channels (email, mobile phone and SMS), we have been using common data networking (paperless office) and powerful tools for telephone and web conferences for years.

What is new or different since March 2020?

We question the necessity of every business trip! We do this together with all parties involved, i.e. with our customers, partners and colleagues.

What are the alternatives to a business trip?

When are business trips also useful in Corona times?

What should be taken into account when conducting business trips?

The Corona traffic light for our services:

Green Can be carried out in corona times without problems. If desired, travel can be dispensed with completely.

Yellow These tasks can also be carried out in corona times. However, some trips are unavoidable. This requires appropriate preparations and arrangements.

Red These tasks are not feasible in corona times and must be postponed to later.


Initial AGV Consultance

Fixed prices:

Standard with 2 on-site visits: 3.750,- €
Only 1 visit on site: 3.375,- €
No on-site visit: 3.000,- €


Concept Finding


Specification Book


Bid Comparison


Evaluation of Vendor’s Scope Specification


Accompanying of the Project Execution


Accompanying of the Final Acceptance

(incl. Performance and Availability Testing)




Technical Assessment Report / Mediation


Risk Analyses / Security Topics


Strategy Consulting


Seminars and Trainings