FTS-Talk 38: Standards chaos at FTS and AMR!

25 July 2024 - 4:00 pm

Standards chaos with AGVs and AMR!

with Günter Ullrich & Peter Stoiber,
Security expert in the Forum-FTS and on digitale-faszination.de


  1. What technical regulations are there? EU and worldwide.
  2. Status of DIN EN ISO 3691-4 with criticism
  3. Status of R 15.08 with criticism
  4. Further regulations in the USA (B 565, UL 3100)
  5. vision of a new standards group for “mobile robots”

The world is becoming more international, including the world of mobile robotics. As a result, different worlds of standards and safety cultures exist and clash in different parts of the world. There are two strong positions in the USA and the EU. Here in the EU there are the important standards DIN EN ISO 3691-4 and DIN EN ISO 13482, while in the USA the standards R 15.08, B 56.5 and UL 3100 are used.

All of these standards were written by interest groups and have different focuses. As a result, there are certainly overlaps, but also differing points of view – not a sensible situation!

Together with Peter Stoiber, I want to present and compare the individual standards in the next AGV Talk. We will then formulate our wishes for a uniform world of standards and the vision of a new group of standards for mobile robots.

I’m looking forward to the AGV Talk on July 25!

Best regards
Günter Ullrich


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