LogiMAT Expert Forum of the Forum-FTS

20. MARCH 2024 - 15:00 - 15.50 Uhr

"The future of mobile robots from the perspective of sensor manufacturers"

with Günter Ullrich and Arno Hagemann, Philipp Maurer and Frank Bauder

In the future, mobile robots will take on a variety of tasks in a wide range of applications. They will no longer be confined to the factory halls and warehouses of manufacturing companies, but will also conquer publicly accessible areas. There we will not only be dealing with trained personnel, but also with people who are not prepared or trained to work with robots. This poses particular challenges for the safety design of the robots and therefore for the sensor technology.

The expert group will address these challenges: It will attempt to classify the new fields of application in particular and then specify the requirements. It will then discuss which solution strategies and technical solution concepts are conceivable for these fields of application.


  • Günter Ullrich, head of the VDI technical committee for AGVs and the Forum-FTS

Technical experts: