Next AGV Talk in March: How strong is the innovative power in mobile robotics?

MARCH 28, 2024 - 4:00 p.m.

How strong is the innovative power in mobile robotics?

online via Teams – with Thomas Albrecht, Head of AGVs at Fraunhofer IML

One week after LogiMAT, we want to look at innovations in mobile robotics. I have been critical of this term for a long time because I have the feeling that it is often used in an inflationary way. I sometimes wonder

  • how long-awaited developments (innovations?) take a long time to materialize,
    whether the term innovation is not also used when it is actually a “simple” further development or
  • the innovation simply lacks the application, the need.
  • In addition, everything is actually available for many AGV applications – sometimes it’s not the innovation that’s missing, but proper project management and the necessary AGV expertise at the supplier to make the project a success.

Be that as it may, my guest this time is Thomas Albrecht from Fraunhofer IML, who I know takes a more positive view of the topic than I do. In our conversation, he will also discuss specific examples that we came across at LogiMAT 2024.

I’m looking forward to it – to LogiMAT, of course, but also to the subsequent AGV talk!

Best regards

Günter Ullrich

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